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About me


When I was 9 years old, I made my first item from clay. It was a little elephant that I still have today!


At that time, I had no idea that clay products can be fired (placed in an oven), 

and that I could become a ceramist.


As strange as it may sound ... I felt love for clay. I loved this material to such an extent that I made my master's thesis in the field of Landscape Architecture, under the supervision of professor Jacek Damięcki, in clay.


Its consistency, smell, and plasticity made working with it my passion. Only, or as much as passion. Only recently has the thought of selling my works germinated in my head.


The only correct and true knowledge about ceramics I get from my master - Stanisław Tworzydło, who studied ceramics in Jingdezhen, China. The city is referred to as the "Capital of China." Pottery has been produced there for at least 1,000 years and was considered the best in China for most of that period.


Everything that my Master tells me I transfer to my works. This knowledge is my treasure. There are two techniques that I especially love - sgraffito and underglaze blue and white (cobalt) painting.

I studied the sgraffito technique very intensively throughout the year. I believe it's a great form of relaxation. Admittedly, it is time-consuming and requires a lot of patience and precision, but it provides an opportunity as an artistic creator.


Cobalt underglaze painting is, in turn, the most difficult painting technique in ceramics. My Master taught me the principles he learned while in China. This technique requires special Chinese brushes, properly prepared paint and a lot of knowledge. I had to learn how to apply paint, how to prepare a staged painting plan, and how to rise to the heights of patience. This technique has little to do with any European painting. Soon I will be ready to show you my ceramic lamps decorated with this technique.


And finally… welcome to my website, I'm glad you are here. Make yourself comfortable and check back as often as possible.


Every order is a great joy for me, thank you!

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