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Build on failurethat is, about the most crucial lesson that Stanisław Tworzydło gave me

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Do you know any Master?

When I started studying with my Master Fu Duo, I did not know precisely what it meant - the Master, although all his students said that about Him. In culture, the figure of the master and the student is ubiquitous - mainly in Greek and Christian civilizations and Chinese and Indian cultures. I have never met a master before. In Poland, it is an unpopular statement. Today, after a few years at the Stanisław Tworzydło Warsaw Historical Art Studio, I understand who is behind the word master and what it is like to be his student.

I tried to get to know my Master as profoundly as possible - how he teaches others and what he is like. I looked at the relationship between Him and me… the conclusions are very inspiring.

What is my Master?

He has extensive experience, penetrating wisdom, but most of all, he wants to pass it on to others. He is extremely open to sharing his knowledge, very kind towards people. I would even say that he sends a kind of spiritual love. He's fantastic because that’s what he feels like. It is not without reason that so many people come to him who want to spend time with him and learn new things. There is no need for loud advertising, colorful marketing or creating sales offers. The Master has such a unique charisma that he attracts others with his energy. I don't know how he does it. It remains a mystery to me.

It's not that the studio focuses only on the technique of creation. There is much more going on here. The teacher lives by the values that he, in turn, shows and communicates to us. It is good, beauty, truth, freedom and love. Once I read that the Master is a master not because someone has assigned him this label, but because he is a thinker, orator and perpetrator. He selflessly shares his values. He's honest about it and honesty - thankfully - is still important to people.

About how one day I built success on failure

The Master makes such demands on the student that he may develop and cope with them. For me, the requirements have always been challenges, new places to discover. Every job - successful or not - is a success. What did not turn out as expected is a lesson. After all, man learns best from mistakes. I remember such situations when what, on the surface, looks… hopeless, thanks to the Master's hints, takes on an entirely new version.

Today I am eager to use this technique, as in this work.

The best example is the situation with cobalt paint. I was already about six months after learning this complex technique intensively. On Wednesday, I came to the studio with excitement and curiosity because the previous day, I had loaded and turned on the stove with cobalt-painted works that I had been creating for a few good days. When I entered the studio, Mr. Stanisław came to me and asked me not to look at my works, which he had previously taken out and carried to another room. He invited me over and said he had a plan for them. He made me gently understand that, unfortunately, they are " messed up," as he sometimes used to say - "messed up." I felt disappointed, but only for a moment because then my Master offered to show me how to save the situation. By the way, I was supposed to learn a new technique of fighting colors. It sounded very intriguing and changed my attitude to this situation.

Thanks to this approach, when I saw these… messed-up works, I saw a chance in failure. And actually I did it! Finally, I came out unscathed - I learned a new technique and saved what initially seemed impossible.

Stanisław Tworzydło and I in his summer studio in Ponurzyca. July 2020.

In theory, I've always known this (most of us know it), but that day I realized that turning failure into success can really "happen" in everyday life. When something does not work out, we can approach it differently - more creatively when we have a worse time. Open up to the new and build something good, new on something hopeless. We know that it is not always possible, but by trying, you will not lose anything - you can only gain. With this in mind, I left my studio at Kazimierzowska Street, and on my way home by car, I decided to write about it one day.

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