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Every champion has once had a master

Education or shaping?

When I decided to start an individual teaching cycle with Stanisław Tworzydło, I would say that it will be a learning process. Today I know that it was primarily shaping me as an artist. After a few years in my Master's studio, when he tells me that I am an artist, I feel tremendous gratitude. It was He who shaped me as an artist. And I do feel like an artist. It is a delightful feeling and, at the same time, tangibly obliging. It is a responsibility that I will carry through out my life.

While reflecting on the Master-Apprentice account, I came across Władysław Antoni Stróżewski - a Polish philosopher who defined the conditions for being a master. Is that like instruction?

In his opinion, these conditions are:

  1. passing on the hierarchy of values, i.e., the order of goods

  2. transferring all your experience and knowledge

  3. the Master does not impose views and decisions on the students

  4. the Master's non-aspiration to be the life guru of the disciples

  5. kindness and willingness to help, i.e., giving your own time to students

  6. the Master's joy in contact with the students and the joy in their successes

This is what my teacher is like. I can confidently say that he meets all the conditions mentioned above. In addition to all this, there is one more essential thing - the Master had his Master, whom he has great respect for and keeps his wisdom alive - how does he do it?

Stanisław Tworzydło and his Master Stanisław Fisher

Wisdom does not come from a vacuum

In the studio in Kazimierzowska, there is a mug with long, rectangular cards on the desk in the main room. Each side has a drawing on one side - made by Stanisław Tworzydło, his students or grandchildren - and on the other side a handwritten thought. It is customary for students to draw such a card and keep it for themselves. I often would do it after finishing work and return home pondering what I had read that day.

The Stanisław Fisher's notebook with golden thoughts is still in the studio of Stanisław Tworzydło

Once I asked where these thoughts came from and where did this idea come from. Then Mr. Stanisław took out an old notebook with yellowed pages from the closet, carefully written in beautiful handwriting. Before leaving for China, the notebook full of wise thoughts was given to him by his Master - Stanisław Fisher. He said, "Go, and if you feel bad or have any doubts, look at it." So, the thoughts of the Master - Stanisław Fisher - are still alive.

Some pages are written in Latin

As you can see - once my Master had his Master. He remembers him, remembers his lessons, and passes them on. It is an expression of genuine respect and proof that it is worth having a real Teacher in your life.

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